C. Travis Rappleye - Principal

So far, it's just me! I have spent 22 years in medical devices, working on all varieties of products and projects, spanning Class II, Class III, combination products, and pharmaceuticals. I've managed R&D development projects as well as transfer of a Class III manufacturing facility, implementation of Salesforce.com, pharmaceutical commercial launch and distribution, and lean manufacturing.

I believe that project management often breaks down in startup medical device companies because the executive team doesn't have the information or forum needed to properly review and update the strategic plan on a routine basis. That's where I come in - we put the strategic plan together like a jigsaw puzzle, in a neutral environment, using visual tools that are easy to understand and manipulate. The strategic plan shows how the work in progress and the future work are related, and can be quickly updated to reflect changes in scope, allowing the team to proactively plan around real or anticipated changes in real time.